ORSoC offers professional support for OpenCores technology.

For commercial companies it is important to know that there is professional support available when you choose technology for your next product.

The OpenCores technology is free (as open source) and highly popular. Additionally you can be sure that support is available from professional design experts. ORSoC offers all kind design and verification services, from evaluation of a specific IP to total SoC design including OS (i.e. Linux).

ORSoC has a unique knowledge of designs based of the OpenCores technology. The technology can be described as a generic platform based on Open Source IP with the OpenRISC processor as a centralized IP block. All IPs are open source meaning there are no license fees related to their use.

The technology enables ORSoC to develop customer specific systems faster and much more cost efficient then our competitors.

The Open Source technology gives the customers the following benefits:

  • No license fees: This provides the customer with the most cost efficient solution available, and there are no restrictions on how to use the IPs
  • Access to the source code of all IP’s: Give the customer full control of the design and are not locked to any vendor or fab
  • Technology independent: The design can easily be ported between different technologies (FPGAs, Structured ASICs, Standard ASICs)
  • Flexible design: Since the customer have access to the source code it’s fully possible to add/modify/reuse the design