ORSoC was founded in 2004. A core value is our knowledge within the FPGA- and ASIC design field, together with our experience using varied target technologies for different products/applications.

ORSoC has always promoted the value, generated to the customer, by using the OpenCores technology whenever possible. The people behind ORSoC have worked closely with the OpenCores community for many years. There has always been a strong interest in the technology OpenCores provides, and recent years have seen a huge market increase in the utilization.

As of October 2007 ORSoC bought the OpenCores site and maintained it for 10 years, and sold it in 2017 to Oliscience BV.

In parallel with ORSoC’s consulting work, ORSoC has developed its own products and partnered with a semiconductor company. This gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a full service: from design concept to ready product. Depending on the customers need and requirements we can provide the most competitive solution in terms of performance/functions as well as cost.

In 2013 we founded KnCMiner and became quickly the world leader in Bitcoin mining hardware. We developed four state-of-the-art ASIC, two 28nm, one 20nm and one 16nm ASIC. 


ORSoC is located in Stockholm, Sweden.
Please contact us for further information about our services and support.

Email: info ‘at’ orsoc.se