ORSoC specializes in embedded system product development, and have extensive experience within a broad range of industry segments, shown below:

  • Solar energy systems
  • Cryptographic systems
  • Secure communication systems
  • Telecommunication and Networking systems
  • Industrial and Robotics systems
  • Space systems
  • Academic research systems
  • Fintech and High frequency trading systems

ORSoC was the owner and maintainer of OpenCores.org from 2007 – 2017, and we have extensive experience and expertise of SoC designs based on the OpenCores technology. OpenCores is the world’s largest community/website offering open-source IP’s for FPGA- and ASIC development.

ORSoC also founded KnCMiner (2013 – 2016), who became the world leading Bitcoin mining company. Developed four bleading edge ASIC’s, two 28nm, one 20nm and one 16nm ASIC, using TSMC’s state of the art production lines.

ORSoC offers external design services and also developed its own proprietary systems, sold either under the ORSoC brand or distributor brand.