ORSoC offer its customers full development services for any FPGA- or ASIC- tagreted designs. Our goal is to provide a quality solution, meeting functionality and performance requirements, regardless of complexity.

ORSoCs team of engineers have in-depth experience with a range of technologies. ORSoC has the ability to wholly undertaken projects its selves or work as an extension of our customer’s development team, to provide assistance in our area of expertise.

We have huge experience from SoC designs including:

  • Multi processor solutions
  • DSP-functionality
  • HW-accelerators
  • Power management (optimizations)
  • IP core design


Verification & test methodology:

  • Designing test benches
  • Fault coverage evaluation
  • RTL and C-model co-simulation
  • Specman
  • Physical verification


Some of the target applications we have experience from:

  • Telecom – base station and mobile devices
  • Industrial – robot, network, communication
  • Consumer products – Router, VoIP
  • Automotive – control system
  • Multimedia – standards (MPEG2, MPEG4, JPEG, AVC, H.264, etc)


Target technologies – ORSoC have experience of implementing designs in different target technologies.

  • FPGA – Xilinx, Altera. Actel, Lattice
  • Gate array ASIC
  • Structured ASIC
  • Standard cell ASIC


“FPGA/ASIC conversion” – ORSoC has extensive experience from conversions between different target technologies.

  • Conversions between different FPGA models/vendors
  • ASIC-to-FPGA conversions
  • FPGA-to-ASIC conversions
  • ASIC-to-ASIC conversion


Our engineers can work either independently or as part of the customer’s team, expanding their resource and knowledge base during the design and verification critical phases, and enabling them to achieve aggressive time-to-market milestones.

ORSoC can provide your company with the following design and verification services:

  • System Level
    1. Define system level architecture
    2. Power/Reuse/Performance solutions
    3. System level simulation
    4. Project management


  • RTL Design development
    1. Functional specification
    2. RTL development (VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog)
    3. IP integration


  • Test Bench development
    1. Test plan methodologies and development
    2. Automated tests implementation using Specman, VHDL, Verilog, PLI or SystemVerilog
    3. Automated regression suites (directed and random)
    4. Code coverage and functional coverage analysis


  • Turn-key SoC development
    1. Design a complete SoC based on a draft specification (ORSoC or customer owned)
    2. Using OpenSource IP from OpenCores